My Soap Makers Journey so far...

"Soap making quickly became an obsession, a life-long pursuit of perfection of my craft."

Hello!  My name is Catherine Gagne' and I create the finest quality, handcrafted soaps imaginable.  I started making old fashioned lye soap in the mid 1990’s.  I have sensitive, dry skin and I would break out in hives using many of the commercial bath soaps and laundry detergents.  I learned to make my own bath soaps and laundry suds and I haven't had a problem since!  Many of my customers have had the same difficulties.  It's been my pleasure to help a great number of people who also have sensitive skin.  I've also had excellent feedback from customers with more serious ailments, such as psoriasis and eczema, who have also been helped.  I choose the oil blends I use very carefully, to ensure they are beautifully balanced or moisturizing and humectant.  The bars are either unscented or lightly scented to ensure they are gentle enough for baby and will not cause skin irritation.  I have to admit, soap making quickly became an obsession, a life-long pursuit of perfection of my craft.  I'm proud to say I've only gotten better with age and more passionate about the history of soap making around the world and the regional differences and similarities from country to country

Sustainable - Organic - Environmentally Friendly


My promise to you.  Whenever possible, I use the only organic, sustainably produced materials from around the world to create my seasonal and regional, limited run soap collections.  My goal is to create luxurious soaps, that are exciting to the senses and nurturing for the skin, without compromising the environment. I want to innovate, learn and grow as a craftsman and artisan.  The wonderful compliments and satisfaction of my customers, friends and family has been a real joy in my life. Thank you!

Soaps from Around the World

Soaps Throughout the Seasons

Natural & Organic - Spa Soaps

Soaps for Sensitive Skin & Baby


Please take a look at my new collections.  I think you'll find a variety of soaps to suit every type of skin.  If you'd like to suggest a batch or need soaps for a special occasion, please let me know!  I'm always happy to help you find a soap that's right for you! Enjoy!



Request a Custom Loaf


You can request a custom, made to order soap loaf for a special occasion such as guest size bars for party or wedding favors.  Please note that soaps take a minimum of 30 days to cure.  We will discuss your needs, agree on a price and I will begin production once the order has been paid for.  Your order will be shipped once the bars have cured/hardened up enough to be shipped.


Thanks for your interest!

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